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G.E.O.'s goal is to inform, educate and guide in layman's terms how you can invest and be successful in the Cannabis Stock Industry.  We started out interested in learning how to invest in this new industry and through our experience, we saw that there was a need for a straightforward approach to this stock arena.  Our job is to weed out the unprofitable ones from the profitable ones and we are able to do that with the many hours of research and perseverance.  We try to make your journey as smooth as possible.

G.E.O. Gainful Earnings Opportunities LLC

We will give you an easy to understand guide to creating wealth in the Cannabis Market. If you have done any Cannabis research, we know you must have seen or heard of the one stock that you must own that will make you enough money to be able to retire on, or the Amazon of Weed Ad.  We're also sure that you've seen all the different teasers and pitches that with as little as $250 to $300 investment in one stock will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Not Going To Happen!  The one common factor is that they are long on hype and short on substance. Often these services are about upgrading subscribers to more expensive products and not really delivering.  You would have better odds hitting the Lottery with a dollar investment.

We at G.E.O. Gainful Earning Opportunities want to Thank you for your interest in our Creating Wealth With Cannabis Stocks Website. 


We think of it as a one stop shop for all information regarding everything Marijuana.

Before we get to what's all included with membership, we just want to say this is not a get rich quick one stock scam, it's a creating wealth plan. You'll need patience, patience and more patience, as stocks will take you on a roller coaster ride of the ups and downs of the market. If you persevere it is a way to start creating wealth with cannabis and other stocks. 

It's been designed to help the Middle Class and people living paycheck to paycheck.  People who know nothing about the stock market, it's for the person who would love to get in the stock market but doesn't know how to get started, or what stocks to trade.

It's to help the little Guy or Gal who doesn't have a lot of money to invest, we will guide you with as little as $200 on how to get started.

If you have a few extra hundred bucks in your bank account, putting that  extra hundred in a brokerage account is like having it in a bank account. The big difference is that the money in the brokerage account will make more money for you with the purchase of a few good stocks.  The goal is to start small and grow your money. We want this to work for everyone.

Now you might have joined other stock memberships and got into their level one program and received a little bit of information, then started receiving emails to upgrade to the next tier, which costs more money than the next tier and on and on.  We have seen some of these teaser stocks publications offering one stock from $49  up to $3,000.  They're all under different names,  like the one stock you need the most to be able to retire on in all different sectors, like Cannabis. Or like the one small 5G company that you can also retire on and they charge a lot of money for the name of that stock. We do the research and 90% of time we know what stock they're teasing you with.  If and when we know what teaser stock that they're referring to ,we will give you the name of that stock when you become a member. That's why we say MEMBERSHIP IS EVERYTHING!




The 20 Top Cannabis Stocks in the World

 This is a Detailed List of the Best Companies

Membership to Creating Wealth With Cannabis Stocks

Makes it Easy to Pick the Winners and Maximize Your Profit Potential!

The Cannabis Companies on our Website have had a comprehensive analysis done on every pick.

M/A Mergers and Acquisitions

There are hundreds of Cannabis Companies around the World, some small, some medium and some large, we think in 2020 there will be a significant amount of small companies merging together to form a more competitive company. Some of the larger companies will buying up some of the small and medium companies to have a larger footprint in the industry.

We will inform you of all the M/A in 2020 and when they are to take place.

IPO's Initial Public Offerings

You will receive the private companies that plan to take their companies public.  Some of these companies could be a double of triple winners

Complete Access to the Most Profitable Cannabis Companies of 2019

These Companies will continue to be profitable in 2020 and with Cannabis 2.0 and with more states in 2020 legalizing Medical, Recreational, Edibles and Beverage Market, we believe these stocks could make a big jump.  They're already winners.

Micro Small Cap Center

Our dedication to our Micro Small Cap Stock Research helps to sort out the bad seeds and the growth  companies. Trading these Cannabis Stocks can be a little different from the larger more established traditional sectors.

Picking the right stocks here and knowing when to buy and when to sell can make you a lot of money on a fast trade.

When all is said and done, the lead up to Federal Legalization in the United States will likely go down in history as the largest wealth creating opportunity of our lifetime.

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No Money Back Guarantee. Why? The information on our Website can be copied and we give you a treasure trove of information. Having said that, we feel so confident that you will be 100% satisfied with the membership and the information that our website makes available to you that you will want to renew on your own! NO AUTOMATIC RENEWALS

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