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We at Gainful Earning Opportunities G.E.O. LLC started researching the legal Marijuana Industry in 2012 when GW Pharmaceuticals was trading in the Penny Stock (OTC) Over The Counter Market at 0.98 a share.  When the FDA approved the Drug Epidioles, the shares shot up and many investors made a lot of money.

Our strategy is to maximize profits and to minimize and manage risk.  We believe in helping people build their wealth through our strategies and using our analytic operation research to educate our members so you understand exactly how these investments work. 

Our goal is to inform, teach, guide and make available the tools to achieve success in Creating Wealth through Cannabis.  You won't have to sit through hours of scripted video presentations that have you asking more questions than getting the answers you're looking for at the end of the presentation, except they want you to pay big bucks for whatever they're trying to get you to buy.

We do believe in analysis and chart rendering which are important but we dig deeper with a multi-faceted approach that gives us a picture of the stocks that we're buying or watching as well as we give you the reasons why we think that it will take the stocks higher.   We also listen to our gut!

You will get real Opportunity Growth Stocks to start your Cannabis Portfolio and it doesn't matter the amount of money that you have to invest or have put aside for investments...you can start with $100, $300 or even $1,000. You can have 1,000 shares in a bad company and lose money or you can have 10 shares in a good company and make money. With our guidance, you'll have the opportunity to do just that.  Remember only invest what you can afford to lose.

The company Medical Marijuana, the oldest Marijuana Company in the U.S. was trading for about 0.03 in 2012 and never had any real success and is still trading for around the same price. These are the type of stocks that we weed out.

For the past 7 years, we have been focused on individual stocks as well as (ETFs) Exchange Traded Funds, so we offer our expertise in both areas.  Several Cannabis ETFs have formed in 2019. The Cannabis Industry is still in its infancy but we are starting to see leaders in each respective specialties break from the pack.

We'll keep you informed of what stocks we like and what stocks we don't. We will guide you on how to get started with Cannabis 2.0.

So Let's Get Started By Creating Wealth With Cannabis Stocks NOW!

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